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Thank you to the Central York High School Driver Education classes for the Public Service Announcement to reduce Texting and Driving


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Video Link on New Graduated Licensing Law

Tragic Deaths of Manheim Central Students


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Brad Fisher


Maybe others have discovered these on the web but it is probably worth posting
the links for those who have not. They are a series of videos posted by AOL that
are from the DVD "Rules of the Road" which you can buy from You get a
lot more videos if you buy the DVD set.There are a few factual errors, but
overall I think they are very good.  
(expressway driving)   
(Driving at night and bad weather)    
(Effects of drugs and alcohol)      
(Marijuana and how it effects driving)                       
(Car emergencies)                    
(Driving in hazardous conditions)   
(Demo of how alcohol effects your reaction time) 

(Vehicle balance and visual targeting)